This summer the kids of the different shelters enjoyed a short holiday. They went to the beach, to escape the heat in the city.

The boys went to Phan Tiêt, and had a wonderfull time. They spent days at the beach or in the sand dunes, which are typical for this region.

The girls of the SPI house also went to Phan Tiêt, only for a short time as work, school and studies go on during the summer.

The girls from Lotus and Sunflower shelter went to Dà Lat, in the mountains. It is nice and cool there. They visited some of the beautiful pagoda’s and had walks in the nature. The girls liked to be with the two shelters together so they get to know each other.

The sign the girls are making is ‘little heart’ and that’s for all of you who support us so dearly, which makes it possible for the K.I.D.s. to enjoy some days of holiday.
Thank you!