Review of the year 2013

Also in 2013 the volunteers of K.I.D.S. and the local employees worked hard to give the children a safe and pleasant home. K.I.D.S. offers the children shelter in clean and well-maintained houses and provides them with healthy meals, medical care and education. Read here what we have achieved, thanks to the generous gifts from the sponsors and the effort of volunteers..

The most important task of K.I.D.S is to provide accommodation and to give daily care to the children in the shelters. In 2013 basic child care cost an average of € 560 per year. Compared to 2012 this has meant an increase in the costs, then the basic care was around € 520 per child. This increase is the result of a rising cost of living in Vietnam and the related increase in salary costs for the workers in the shelters. Besides the costs for basic care K.I.D.S. has extra costs, these include additional courses and (exam) training for the children and a short holiday in the hot summer months. Also the costs for (major) maintenance to the houses were not included in the basic budget. The average costs in the SPI Study House were higher (€ 2,140 per young person) this due to the relatively expensive housing and courses which the students follow. Besides the above mentioned costs, K.I.D.S. tries to help in cases of emergencies. An example of this was when the foundation paid for an operation for one of the employees of a shelter, who did not have the financial means to cover this.

Goals of 2013 largely realised

The aims that K.I.D.S. had set for 2013 have been realised to an important extent. The number of children in the 2012-founded SPI house rose to eight. Two young persons who completed their secondary education started as trainees in a dental technical laboratory just before the summer holiday. In one year they will be trained as dental technicians, with which they will have better prospects to getting good jobs and enjoying a better future. K.I.D.S. has also thoroughly explored the possibilities of providing young people who leave a shelter after their secondary education, with a micro credit to enable them to start their own business. The Foundation preferred to set up such an initiative in cooperation with existing microcredit enterprises. In practice this does not appear to be easily organised. The foundation remains alert and keeps an eye on the possibilities in this area and in the case of an emergency it will help children on an individual basis.

Acquisition of funds

Special attention needs to be paid to the initiatives that were taken in 2013 in order to recruit funds for K.I.D.S. No less than 3 large charity events were organised, of which the proceeds went to the children in the shelters. Besides, K.I.D.S. could also rely on the (financial) support from many small and large sponsors. Fantastic! Without the great involvement of all the sponsors K.I.D.S. would not be able to do its work for the homeless children in Ho Chi Minh City.

Koks van de G6 in Ho Chi Minh City

The highlights of 2013:

  • In May around 100 guests enjoyed a delicious meal with a Dutch flavour at a charity evening in Ho Chi Minh City. The cooking was done by chefs of the G6, a cooperation/group of friends of 6 Amsterdam restaurants. An auction completed the evening. The proceeds went to K.I.D.S.
  • A jubilee year for Sunflower House: in October it celebrated its 15 years existence. As such it is the “oldest” house belonging to K.I.D.S
  • As is the custom every year, Dental Clinics organised a benefit diner “Dining with topchefs”, during which a record amount of almost € 40,000 was collected
  • Under the name of “Saigon Supper Club” a number of volunteers from Ho Chi Minh City organised a fantastic benefit evening, of which the complete proceeds went to the shelters. Here also the dinner was cooked by the G6
  • A group of Dental Clinics’ dentists travelled to Ho Chi Minh City in November and provided dental care to all the children.
  • The website was translated into English.