Plans for 2014

Also in 2014 K.I.D.S. will provide for the accommodation and care of the street children. In total this will amount to 115 children. The basic care (housing, tending and education) is expected to be € 610 per child. For the SPI House this amount is higher as a result of the more expensive housing and study costs. Here the costs for basic care will amount to around € 2100 (depending on the number of students). As usual, K.I.D.S. will release an extra budget for (exam) training, tutoring and a summer holiday for all the children.

Expansion of SPI Study House

The number of girls in the SPI House will be extended. At the end of 2013 eight girls stayed in this house. The studies of two girls who live elsewhere were paid for as well. During 2014 more girls will live in the SPI Study House and follow a course at a college or university. The goal is that 12 girls will have a place at SPI House by the end of 2014. This is the maximum number of students that can be housed here. If there are insufficient new students from the shelters of the K.I.D.S. Foundation available for the SPI Study House, talks will take place with the WOCA to see whether they can be placed in SPI. Also there remains the possibility that K.I.D.S. will finance a college or university course for a girl that comes from the K.I.D.S. shelter but meanwhile lives elsewhere, e.g. with her family.

Improvement of English lessons

In 2014 K.I.D.S. also wants to improve the quality and frequency of the English lessons. Organising these extra lessons under its own management encountered practical problems in 2013. It was tricky getting English teachers to commit themselves to the houses for a longer period of time and the level differences of the children turned out to be too great for them to be having joint lessons. The possibilities will be looked into to see whether the children can follow lessons at a professional school or course institute. This initiative will be financed from the proceeds of the “Supper Club Dinner” that took place in November 2013.

KIDS in the classroom

Extra care

Finally the foundation has the intention of taking up extra care for children with physical or mental health problems. Regularly children with (congenital) disorders and those that lag behind as a result of neglect and bad care in the past, stay in the shelters. We are going to see whether we can offer these children extra care in order to let them function in a better way.