BBQ team helps the KIDS

This january (2018) Henk van der Heide en Walter Kloostra, as team Speckneck #81, participated in the ScanCoveryTrial. During a full week the men drove a mere 7.000 km crisscross throughout Skandinavia, with a lot of snow and ice and temperatures reaching – 27ºC! They left Holland with their Jeep Wrangler on january 6 and finished january 14.

KIDS sponsors

“A fantastic experience , but not only for us. We wanted to raise money for the KIDS foundation, the organisation of Julius Jaspers and friends, who helps streetchildren in Vietnam. Julius told us all about it while were doing a BBQ-contest in North-Italy last year. With the help of our many sponsors we raised € 11.850,= for KIDS. In may we will, together with Julius, host a BBQ-party to thank everybody who helped us” Walter Kloostra told us.

“Guys thanks a million, very much appreciated. We’ll meet again at the BBQ” says Julius Jaspers.