K.I.D.S. has a simple mission: the accommodation, care and schooling of street children in Vietnam. K.I.D.S. ensures that over 115 children between the ages of 4 -18 years from the slums of Ho Chi Minh City have a dignified existence, a happy childhood and receive an education. K.I.D.S. does this by setting up and exploiting shelters in Ho Chi Minh City.

de kinderen in het klaslokaal

Safety, health and education

In the shelters the children are safe. They have a good roof over their heads, sufficient and healthy food and close attention is paid to hygiene and health. The children go to school and also have lessons in English and computer science. To bridge the gap during the long 3 months summer holiday, a short stay is organised at the beach or in the mountains.


K.I.D.S. recruits and manages the exploitation of the shelters. K.I.D.S. works closely together with the local charity organisation WOCA (Womens Charity Association Ho Chi Minh City). Locally the WOCA supervises the business and the care for the children. 2 to 3 supervisors who are controlled by the WOCA work in each shelter. There is intensive contact between K.I.D.S. and the WOCA, whereby the difference between lifestyles culture and expectations are dealt with with a great deal of care. Every six months a member of the board or representative visits Ho Chi Minh City to check the localities and to make adjustments where necessary.


Every day the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, flow full with thousands of children. Most of these children do not have a home and try to earn a living by selling postcards and cigarettes. Life on the streets is unsafe and often children are involved in criminal activities and prostitution. Julius Jaspers visited Ho Chi Minh City for the first time 18 years ago. As a new father himself, the fate of the street children was something that affected him deeply.

First safehouse

Julius came into contact with the local charity organisation WOCA. WOCA was looking for a financier for a ‘safehouse’, as the shelters for street children are called. Together with his family and Studio Bazar (the Julius’ family company) Julius decided to finance the building of a brand new safehouse and was guarantor for the exploitation costs for 10 years. In October 1998 the house was officially baptised ‘Sunflower House’. Julius’ initiative was followed up. After the ‘Sunflower House’ example more houses were set up, mostly by Julius’ friends and relations. K.I.D.S. was founded in order to organise the exploitation of these five safehouses and to acquire and manage the money in the best possible way.

The Board of K.I.D.S.

Julius Jaspers chairman

At the age of fifteen Julius (1962) has his first side line job in the restaurant Klein Paardenburg. This was the start of his career as a chef, caterer and restaurant owner. After several initiatives at home and abroad, Julius takes over the family company Studio Bazar, a chain of catering shops. He also writes several cookbooks. In 2009 Studio Bazar is sold and Julius focusses on the presenting of Topchefs, a talent show for chefs. Meanwhile the successful Topchefs is at the start of its fourth season.

Dominique Vroom treasurer

During her working life Dominique (1929) was a travel guide with Lissone Lindeman, traffic manager/copywriter of an advertising studio, founder and owner of Studio Bazar catering shops and advisor to the Kitchen & Tables Store. Meanwhile she is a retired entrepreneur but ever keen on travelling and is active for the orphans in Ho Chi Minh City.

Eric Winter

After his studies Eric Winter (1961) started as an assistant accountant at Moret & Limperg (now Ernst & Young) in 1987. As a director he was involved in the co-founded W & R registeraccountants en belastingadviseurs [chartered accountants and tax advisors] from 1989 to 1998. In 2005 he started with the Nederlandse Juristen Groep [Dutch Lawyers Group], which later became NIG Nederlandse Interim Groep [NIG Dutch Interim Group]. He was co-founder of Dental Clinics Nederland, a chain of modern dental group practices. Since 27 April 2011 he has been Chief Executive Officer of DPA Group.

Folkert van de Graaff

Folkert (1956) was appointed notary in 1996. From 1996-2007 he was a partner at CMS Derks Star Busmann, since 2007 he has been a partner with Horst & van de Graaff notarissen in Hilversum. Besides his practice as a notary Folkert was also, as a teacher, linked to the universitaire Beroepsopleiding voor het Notariaat [the University Civil-Law Notary Training. Folkert is a member of de Kamer van Toezicht voor het Notariaat (rechtbank Amsterdam) [the Civil-Law and Junior Civil-Law Notaries Disciplinary Board (Amsterdam District Court)], co-founder and member of Lions Bussum Godelinde and in the past director of various social organisations


Financial reporting