Sunflower house redecorated

opvanghuis wordt geschilderd

In 2011 Consolidated Media Industries committed itself to K.I.D.S.: over the coming 5 years we shall take care of the Sunflower shelter. As this is not just an overseas project, a number of fellow-workers come to Vietnam in order to contribute actively to the maintenance of the orphanage. In November 2011 this meant that six colleagues travelled to Ho Chi Minh City for a first acquaintance and to paint the Sunflower shelter. What an experience that was! Painting at a very high temperature and humidity was an event in itself, but what made it so special is the way in which we were accepted in the house. After having looked at us briefly in a strange way as though we were an unusual group of people, contact was made immediately with all the children in the house. There was no question of any language barriers, with hands, feet and brushes the bedrooms were shown and help was offered. It was no problem that this led to little painting accidents from time to time. With joined forces everything was cleaned up again. When this was completed we had a freshly painted indoor and outdoor house as an end result.

oudhollands zaklopen in Ho Chi Min

Fortunately the introduction and acquaintance with the children hadn’t ended. Under the supervision of coach Joop Alberda a sportsday was organised. It was a mix of Old Dutch and international sports for all age groups. Once again all hands and feet were activated and this day was experienced with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Within Consolidated Media Industries we really regard Sunflower Orphanage a little as ‘our shelter’ to which we can regularly contribute and about which we will hear the enthusiastic stories of colleagues every year.