What can you do?

A birthday, an anniversary or business success? Donors and sponsors of K.I..D.S. have the most diverse reasons to support K.I.D.S. But most of the time money is given without a direct cause, simply out of compassion for the street children. For 1.5 Euros a day you give a Vietnamese boy or girl a dignified existence and a better future. Please donate and make a difference to a street child in Vietnam.

Your donation is tax deductible

The Stichting K.I.D.S. has the PBI status which means that K.I.D.S. is considered by the Belastingdienst [Tax Office] as being a Public Benefit Institution. Therefore your gifts can be deducted from the taxable income. For more information visit the website of the belastingdienst.

Single donation

Do you wish to make a single financial donation? Have you e.g. organised a sponsor activity in aid of the Stichting K.I.D.S.? Or has your child collected money by doing odd jobs? All donations, small and large, are very welcome.

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Adopt a bed

The Lemongrass House has 30 beds. For each bed the Stichting K.I.D.S. needs a sponsor. We prefer to talk about beds rather than about children. Children come and go, because we always try to let them stay with family. But the beds remain there and are slept in by the new residents. Generally the beds are adopted for a period of 5 years. The yearly amount is 600 Euros. adopteer een bedje


A sponsor is a person or company connected to one or more shelters for a longer period of time. A sponsor’s contribution can be financial, by means of gifts with which the exploitation of the shelter is covered wholly or partly. A company can also contribute by supplying products or services. In The Netherlands (e.g. for the purpose of a K.I.D.S. charity event) or in Vietnam itself. The sponsors will be mentioned on the sponsor page if they so wish. sponsor K.I.D.S.